3 Things Women Should Learn From Joke Silver Outfits That Will Inspire Your Fashion Sense

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Popular Nollywood Actress, Joke Silver triggered reactions on Instagram as her birthday photos surfaced online. 

The Nollywood star is a grandmother, yet she doesn't joke with her physical appearance. She dresses matured, unique and sophisticated. Are you a mother and you don't have any style to sew, you can slowly scrutinize the following outfits and pick your choice of style.

Most people fail to understand what fashion is all about but in today's fashion content, I will elaborate more on it. In our present era, people abuse fashion, they feel to be naked means you are a fashionista. Ladies prefer wearing exposed cloth because they feel it's trendy and it will make them trend.

In today's update, I will be sharing three things ladies and mothers should learn, that will inspire their fashion sense.

1. Her cloth is well covered

When you dress well, you look responsible and smart. Exposing your body isn't fashion. Remember the way you dress is the same way people will address you.

2 . Her cloth is colourful

Color adds beauty to fashion because it makes it look more beautiful. As a fashionista, you need to be creative to know the colour to use that's good to your body tone.

3 . She loves tying head tie

Head tie brings out your beauty most especially when you make up. Learn from Silver's style and your appearance will attract attention.

Trending negatively attracts insult instead of respect. Your outfit reflects to the world who you truly are. Joke's wardrobe collection worth emulating.

The above outfits can you worn to any outdoor event you may wish to attend. Don't forget, fashion without beauty isn't complete.

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Conclusively, kindly wish her a happy birthday via the comment box below after reading. 

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