Upon The Death Of The President, Will She Still Receive The Emolument? :Randy Quizzes Kweku Baako


Several comments has been made about the payment of salaries to the First Lady and Second Lady; Rebecca Akuffo Addo and Samira Bawumia. Today, Kweku Baako Malik Jnr, editor-in-chief of the New Crusading Guide newspaper, made an appearance on Good Morning Ghana today. He explained and defended the decision to pay the spouses of the President. The host of the show, Randy Abbey, quizzed Kweku Baako that what happens to the payment of the spouses in the event where the sitting or former President or Vice President dies.

"I want to add a little comment to it. For example, you want to treat the salary as a privilege to a sitting and former President or Vice President. Now, upon the death of a former or current president or Vice President, will they still receive this emolument", Randy Abbey questioned Kweku Baako.

In response, Kweku Baako referred to other reports that explained that the estates and residence of the Presidents or Vice Presidents will be given to their spouses in the event of the death of the President or Vice President. However, all other allowances ceases.

"It is in other previous reports that when the President dies, it is the residential facilities which goes to the spouse but his allowances ceases.", Kweku Baako.

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