How The Visit Of Igwe Nevabosi To The Presidential Villa Could mean peace to Nigeria.

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In order to ensure peace and unity among the different tribes in Nigeria, some traditional heads, rulers and chiefs have made it a habit of bestowing a chieftaincy title upon worthy leaders in the society.

Femi Adesina is the special assistant to President Buhari on media and publicity, he is also a typical Yoruba man. While talking on his Facebook page now, Femi Adesina said he was given a chieftaincy title in the Mmaku kingdom in Anambra State. The visit of Igwe Nevobasi to Femi Adesina at the Presidential Villa in Abuja can mean any of this.

1. To give their little support to President Buhari's administration.

Although the president was not mentioned in the context, giving a chieftaincy title to President Buhari's aide says everything.

Also, looking at the picture above, Femi Adesina was seen presenting a gift to the Igwe with the inscription "BUHARI."

2. To show that the Igbos are lovers of peace. 

Though, some regions in the southeast are really clamouring for a nation that is not visible, while many others who know understand what peace truly means are ready to support Nigeria. The Nnwanne di Namba title given to Femi Adesina means a brother from another mother. This simply means some part of the Igbo tribe truly loves Nigeria and they are ready to give their best. 

Photo source: Femi Adesina's Facebook page.

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