Lady Narrates The Hardship of Being Born as a Firstborn Girl in a Family (Video)

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Lynette Achieng did not enjoy the fact that she was the firstborn in her family. Her father hated her for not being born a boy. [Photo Courtesy]

Her father preferred having a boy as his firstborn because having a girl was unacceptable in the society. The fact that she was a firstborn was a very bad idea for herself and her mother. She suffered alot under the man she called a father.

She would pass through hardship and suffering because of her gender. He would abuse her and her mother whenever he feels like doing so. Unfortunately, her father passed away but Lynnette did not remember everything that her father had done to her and her mother.

She offered him a decent burial despite the fact that he used to mistreat her. She was then forced to drop out of school in order to take care of her family and also to help her brother to continue with his education life.

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