Video goes viral As Woman fights pastor for placing hand on her head during prayer Section.


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If you aren't into religion, especially Christianity, trust me you wouldn't understand certain things that happens at the Church. Well, a video of a deliverance section by a pastor has been going viral on many social media platforms, and it has gotten many people talking as well.

This video was posted by someone with the Instagram handle name, Linda Ikeji Blog, and is a woman is seen in the video rejecting a pastor's attempt at laying his hand on her head. Regardless of the actions of the woman, the pastor did not stop, rather he followed her, as he seeks to get his mission with her done.

As the pastor refuces to leave the woman alone, she also started fighting him off, and as the struggle gets tougher, the people around is seen dispersing, giving them space.

The associate pastors stepped in, trying to hold the woman's hands down so that the pastor can carry on with his deliverance session.

Social media users also took to the comment section to share their views;

ohreoluwa_fabrics said: "Wetin she find go there?"

findbruno_ said: "The pastor isn't up to her standard."

Johnjoy295 said: "The woman is there because of him, just look at her mouth, she mean the man no be small."

church_of_the_free said: "But What was she doing in that toxic environment in the first place?"

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