Man with shotgun surrenders outside United Nations building following armed standoff.

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Stand off - Man with shotgun pacing in front of the United Nations. Police saying "put down the gun. There are better ways to get your message out." White male, grey hair, red sweater tan jacket.

What's crazy is how they didn't shoot him yet. Even though he is armed. Still no shots fired. Yet cops kill innocent black people, without weapons and shoot them in the back.

If the man starts acting like a fool, they'll subdue him..if he risks their lives, they'll end him. If he listens, it'll end peacefully, like all situations with police. It's all based on how someone acts when encountering the police, if people just listen, no problem.

A 61 year old black man was shot 9 times in the back in a weapon. A teenage black boy was walking into his home with Subway sandwiches for his family, shot 4 times in the back. Both killed for no reason. Yet this white man with a shotgun and being a danger to society is not being uprehended.

The Man in red appears to have delivered several notebooks to the officers, he knelt down reached into a bag and delivered them to the officers.

Heavily armored officers then moved in to retrieve them, United Nations standoff. He held a shotgun to head just to turn over notebooks to the NYPD when he could have just dropped them off at the nearest PCT. We already know that the UN is a corrupt organization.

My guess is that if this were a non-white person, he wouldn’t be reaching down for anything right about now having been dealt with as police usually do, I hope everyone comes out of this unharmed.

If there were regular mass shootings in the offices of Fortune 500 companies we'd have gun reform legislation in a heartbeat. The fact that the daily slaughter of children has changed nothing is a clear sign that we are a broken culture.

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