Meet Martha Koome's Husband Koome Kiragu


Koome Kiragu is one very strong, hardworking as well humble gentleman as well husband to the incoming Chief Justice Of the Supreme Court of Kenya Martha Koome. He is also a father given he has kids who however just like himself largely remain off public limelight for personal reasons.

Koome Kiragu is an environmentalist who has focused as well a very generous gentleman. He has been participating in humanitarian activities, building a habitat for the less fortunate as well helping poor families stand up. He believes in support to everybody irrespective of their state of life for everybody to live happily and successfully.

Koome Kiragu is very passionate about women leadership having been at the forefront always supporting women specifically his wife. He has been the reason his wife is successful as though they married at a young age, they have managed to achieve so many things together.

Koome Kiragu is a man who is really not intimidated by the success of his wife as he appreciates the far that he has been. He believes in his wife as according to him she has the best qualities not only as a wife but as well as a leader owing to her experience and long years of public service.

Koome Kiragu as well is a person who really respects everybody but largely opts to keep his life cool as very scanty details about him are into the public limelight. He hopes and believes in doing his things privately without attracting too much public attention as he really is himself not a public figure like his wife.