Sad Spectacle: Captain Smart Shares A Heartbreaking Picture Of Bread Displayed Just Beside A Gutter


It seems the campaign t fix the country is still trending and most Ghanaians are unhappy with the state of affairs.

The major complaints that have popped up since the campaign begun include, lack of jobs for the youth, bad roads, corruption, bad nature of health facilities, and many others.

One issue that has also been widely discussed has to do with choked gutters that mostly cause flooding in the country at the slightest rainfall.

A picture that has been shared on the Official Facebook page of Smart TV Ghana, a television station belonging to fearless broadcaster Captain Smart indicates a sorry spectacle.  

In the image, some retail bread sellers have displayed their wares on a road obviously for trading activities. The bread is arranged in trays and has been displayed just beside a gutter that looked chocked.

Plastic rubbers and other materials are lying in stagnant water. The bread sellers seem not bothered as they have placed some of the trays containing the bread just close to the gutter and are uncovered.

The worry is that the stagnant water breeds mosquitoes and other bacterial but the traders seem not to care.

It is believed that the bread will hit the various markets and homes right after its current location and that is where the danger lies.

Innocent Ghanaians will purchase this bread and consume it with no idea of where they are coming from. Unfortunately, some consumers may end up contracting diseases and will get sick.

Productivity will be affected because a sick nation cannot develop.

This particular spectacle brings to the fore why the ordinary Ghanaian is unhappy about the current state of affairs.

Most chocked gutters have remained untended to. During the rainy season, some of these choked drains cause heavy flooding destroying several millions of properties belonging to innocent residents.

The case of these bread sellers is a clear example that shows the country needs to be fixed by authorities. In the same instance, residents like these bread sellers must change their attitudes.

A more hygienic environment is needed for such edibles to be displayed before consumption.

Let’s all change our attitudes for a better Ghana.