Junet Reveals Number Of Terms Raila Will Serve As A President If They Win In The Coming Poll

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The Suna East member of parliament who is the minority whip in the national assembly honorable Junet stated that he has been a representative in the assembly for ten years know consecutively, he went a head and stated that like his political father, he will retire in the next five years from active politics and live the other life.

The honorable member who is believed to enjoy a close tie to the former prime minister Raila continued by saying that he will retire with Raila after he(Raila) completes his term as the president, statement that shows they will only serve for one term Godwilling.

The Suna East legislature who others assumes to be the spokes person for Mr. Raila explained before that, this is their last and great opportunity to serve in the government and attain the the big four agenda a legacy which was set by the sitting president Uhuru Kenyatta.


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