How I started making with opera news hub


One of the afternoons last year as I arrived at home and open my opera mini app to read the news .

I found the story about creating a content and posting it on opera news hub.

I got much interested in the articles and I decided to create my account in Opera news hub and started writing articles.

I successfully created the account and as a content creator

I have been writing articles in Opera news hub for almost one year now and I have been earning money . Last year I earn Kenya shillings two thousand after writing only five articles.

I usually write my articles in Opera news hub as my part time job and am earning good money.

I would recommend some youth to create there account and create there own content and start making money by expressing there ideas on opera news hub.

I gain over ten thousand clicks in post. Opera news hub pays Kenya shillings twenty one for one thousand valid clicks.

I usually write my articles in the afternoon after I completed my works .

They should write articles with alot of content since opera news have have over three hundred and fifty million users world wide who they can read your content and you earn money.


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