Lady Caught Barking Like A Dog After Boyfriend Allegedly Use Her For Money Rituals

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What is happening this day? This world is now full of evil as people do not have pity on their fellow humans. Gone are the days when young men and women worked hard to make money. Most youths now want an easy way to become rich within a short period of time. This is why some of the young engage in money rituals and fraudulent activities just to make ends meet.

According to a video that is going viral on social media, a lady was allegedly used for money rituals by her boyfriend. In the video, you can see the young lady barking like a dog.

The lady and her boyfriend were arrested by the police and are currently in police custody. It is believed this incident happened in one of the African countries, but due to an investigation ongoing, we would like to hide the location.

 Check out the video below.


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