“I Expose My Bortos Because It’s Beautiful And I Don’t Want My Fans To Forget It”-A. Schwaznegger.

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Afia shwaznegger is one of Ghana’s biggest celebrities who tends to cause a lot to commotions online with beefs she gets with her colleague celebrities, series of revelations, exposing of her goodies and a whole lot. She has had quarrels with many men of God, ministers of state and other big people. Recently, going viral on social media was her dissing video on a show on UTV in which she hit Ayisha Modi, her fellow celebrity hard on the hard as she revealed a lot of secrets about her.

In her recent show, she made it clear to the host in a response when he questioned her why she use to expose her delicate parts in photos she upload on her page. She said, she is proud of her backside in particular and she really likes to show it off for it is beautiful and also she does not want her fans on social media to forget about her backside. She also said her kids are really okay with whatever she does on social media for which she has no worries. This response of hers has left many speechless as some were irritated and chipped in series of jabs.

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