My Love For You Be Endless; Ghanaians Expresses Their Feelings To Veteran Actor

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Ghanaians expresses their feelings to the veteran actor, Jackie Appiah after she commissioned borehole and donated some items to the residents of Kogni.

According to Jackie Appiah, she was told that, the residents of Kogni don't have good drinking water so she decided to construct a mechanized borehole for them.

After Jackie Appiah constructed the mechanized borehole, she donated some assorted items to the residents.

The assorted items were; mattresses, bags of rice, cooking oil, provisions, soft drinks, detergents, books, pens and many more.

Below is the picture of the items

The items above made Ghanaians expressed their love to Jackie Appiah in the comment section as one of them said, his love for Jackie Appiah is endless.

Another Ghanaian stated that, may God bless Jackie Appiah for the kind gesture she showed to the residents of Kogni.

Check the comments below

Jackie Appiah mainly did this because it was her birthday


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