Uproar After Kitui County Senator Delivers This Criticall Message To Charity Ngilu

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Kitui county senator Enoch Kiio has responded to Charity Ngilu's claims over Ksh.6,000,000 which she earlier claimed that he wanted to use that money to buy goats. According to the latest news by Mutongoi tv, he has said that he didn't ask for that amount of money, and added on by telling Charity Ngilu to take her politics to Siaya county.

Netizens reacting to this story have revealed that this senator has not brought any development to his people and he should stop fighting his boss through social media when he should be helping her in her work as a governor.

The political ground in Ukambani is becoming hotter, and this is caused by the increase in the number of politicians who have officially announced that they will be on the ballot for the 2022 presidential elections. Enoch has accused Kaluki Ngilu of misleading her people and urged them to stand firm and ensure that they vote wisely during the incoming elections.

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