3 Remarkable Things Priscilla Ojo Achieved At A Young Age That Made Her Mother Proud And Happy

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There are some thrilling achievements in life that parents always pray that their children achieve. Arguably, there are a large number of parents who pray that their children attain the heights they never reached in their own lives. Thus, parents are usually thrilled and proud when their children are doing well in all their endeavors. 

Priscilla Ojo and her mum, Iyabo Ojo

Photo Credit: Bella Naija

Actress Iyabo Ojo’s daughter, Priscilla Ojo recently clocked 20 years old but she has achieved a number of feats that are quite big deals for someone of her age. Following her mother’s path, she is also a social media personality, brand ambassador of several companies, CEO and also an Actor. She boasts of 1.5 million followers on her official instagram page. 

Priscilla Ojo

Without further ado, let’s check out some of the achievements of Priscilla Ojo which must have made her mother proud and happy. 

1. Priscilla acquired her first car at the age of 19. On the 10th of December, 2020, Priscilla Ojo bought herself a new whip – Mercedes Benz CLA. She was just a teenager when she achieved this and it made her mother thrilled and proud.

Priscilla gifts herself a Mercedes Benz at age 19

Photo Credit: @its.priscy || Instagram

Iyabo Ojo reacted to her daughter’s purchase of Mercedes Benz in an IG Post, she said “Say hello to the latest Benz owner. Priscilla, this shall not be your last in Jesus name, many more wins and success sunshine. God’s protection on you both. Oya Benz gang, let’s pop champagne. You worked hard and saved good way to go girl.” 

Iyabo Ojo celebrates her daughter

Credit: 3rdhubent

2. Prisicilla became a University Graduate at the young age of 20. The day she graduated from Babcock University must have been a special day for her mother, and her loved ones. Graduating, especially at a young age is a thrilling achievement that would make anyone happy and proud. 

Priscilla became a Graduate at the age of 20

Photo Credit: @its.priscy || Instagram

Iyabo Ojo expressed her excitement in an IG Post. She wrote that “What can I say unto the lord, all I have to say is thank you Lord. Thank you Lord, Thank you Lord, all I have to say is thank you Lord… Finally, my jewel of inestimable value, Priscilla is a graduate of Babcock University, 2021. I love you scatter. Thanks for always making me proud. God, this can only be you. Oya masters loading.”

Her mother celebrates her

Photo Credit: @iyaboojofespris || Instagram

Iyabo Ojo also rolled out the drums in celebration of her daughter’s graduation. The party took place at Fespris Lounge in high-brow, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos State. It was reported that the Actress spared no cost to ensure that all had more than enough to eat and drink at the party. 

3. Priscilla’s recent collaboration with Coca-cola, one of the leading brands in the country and the world at large also made her mother proud and happy. Priscilla celebrated her collaboration with Coca cola few hours ago and her excited mom reposted the post as she celebrates her daughter. She said ‘Congratulations girl, this one E choke’.

Iyabo ecstatic as she reposts her daughter's collaboration with Coca Cola

Photo Credit: @iyaboojofespris || Instagram

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