JUST IN: Five Students Charged With Arson Following DCI Investigation.

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Students in Machakos county from Maasani High school lost many of their valuables following the fire incident that occurred on November 5th 2021 where school dormitories and valuables worthy 4 million Shilings was razed down. This came as a result of unruly behaviour among students that had gone viral and had reached an alarming rate.

After thorough investigation by the directorate of criminal investigation into the incident, these students have been found liable and culpable of starting the fires and destroying the school property.

The detectives arrested the girls from Masaani girls Secondary school and are to be charged with arson and other related crimes.

Criminal liability lies on the offender and this students have been warned through social media from the National Police Service that such offences will cost them and have asked parents to warn their kids I regard to the wages they have to pay when brought to books of account.

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