How to treat dark spots on the tongue

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One of the most vital organs of the human body is the tongue, which allows a person to talk, taste food, and also serves as an indicator of overall health. It has been discovered that there is a reason for the tongue's unusual appearance. The color of a healthy tongue is usually pink in color. Typically, if it is too red, then chances are something is definitely going wrong with your digestive system, but if it is blue or has black spots, then it is quite possible that your blood isn't sending enough oxygen to your body tissues. In many cases, black spots on the tongue are harmless and the best part is that there are several home remedies that can treat them.


Neem is well known for being a natural stain remover and it also fights against bacterial infections. You only need to boil a few pieces of neem leaves in a cup of water and then swish your mouth with that solution. If you gargle with neem water twice a day for a week, the black stains on your tongue will begin to fade in no time.


Pineapple is a topical fruit which contains an enzyme, bromelain, which is useful for eliminating dark spots on the tongue as well as dissolving one's dead skin cells. This way, they boost the immune system for the body and even decrease the number of the bacteria on the tongue that are trapped. As soon as you chew on some pineapple on a regular basis, you will notice that the black spots will start disappearing.

Aloe vera

The Aloe vera plant is known for its various medicinal and nutritional properties. It helps heal scars and spots faster by assisting in the improvement of the collagen structure within the scar. In order to remove black spots, you can apply aloe vera gel on the dark spots or simply start consuming aloe vera juice.

Cinnamon and clove

The antifungal and antibacterial properties of cinnamon help to fight fungal and bacterial infections. Cinnamon has also been found to have antimicrobial properties, which may also help reduce bad breath as well as prevent tooth decay, according to studies. Take two cinnamon sticks and four clove buds. It is best to boil these in water and cool the water afterwards. After the water has cooled, gargle with this water twice a day to reduce black spots.


You can rub a clove of garlic on the dark spots for a few minutes. After repeating this every day for a month, you will notice a significant difference in the appearance of your tongue.

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