List Of Celebrities Who Pleaded For Akuapim Polo

There is a notion that Ghanaian celebrities don’t support each other but it seems the story is gradually changing. Many entertainment industry people have complained bitterly over the years that they don’t get the support they need when it is time for their project. People of the music industry have always complained that their colleagues do not endorse and promote their songs when they release them but it seems the narrative have changed. Recently Shatta Wale tweeted to make the whole world aware that Stone Bwoy has released a new song which is a massive way of promoting our entertainment industry.

Sarkodie, Stone Bwoy, Reggie Rockstone and others have used their social media presence to defend and plead for Rosemond Brown known as Akuapim Polo in her difficult times. Reggie Rockstone got to the level of crying when she heard Akuapim Polo has been sentenced for 90 days. The question is if celebrities can show this love where were they when Akuapim Polo started her unacceptable behavior?