When it comes to helicopters there are few people who aren't at least a little curious about them


When it comes to helicopters there are few people who aren't at least a little curious about them. Helicopters have been around for a very long time, yet there are still many people who have never flew in one. Helicopters can also come in various sizes, and if you're like many people, the bigger they are, the more exciting they are.

Military Helicopters are especially interesting because there are so many types and sizes of them and learning about them is easier than you think. Most Military Helicopters to carrying personnels or equipments to and from variousp locations, which is why they are made so large.

When you read about helicopters, being large, they could mean several things. Some helicopters are big in size, while others are big in payload capacity. So let's look @ the top 5 Largest helicopters in history.

1. Sikorsky CH-53K King Stallion

The King Stallion is an upgrade for the CH 53E Super Stallion, which at one point was the biggest and the most powerful helicopter outside Russia. The King Stallion is the biggest and heaviest helicopter used by the military and was originally designed to meet the needs of the US Marine corps. It has a payload capacity of more than 16 tons and can carry 37 troops comfortably.

Designed to deliver vehicles, supplies and troops from ships to shoreline, the King Stallion is also able to carry weapons, various vehicle types, an LAV 25 armored vehicle, and around 55 soldiers if the centerline seats are installed. The Navy even uses some of them to resupply shipboards.

2. Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey USA

The large helicopter is used by the US Army, Airforce, Navy and Marine corps and it combines the speed of a fixed wind turboprop plane with a vertical lift capabilities of a standard.

In this sense it is more of a tiltrotor than an actual helicopter although it is used for many of the same purposes as helicopters are. The Osprey can accommodate 24 troops and more than 19,800ibs internally and 15,000ibs externally, compared to most utility helicopters the aircraft can fly at twice the speed.

One interesting characteristic is that the Osprey can refuel itself in the air and can even land on ships, rough terrains and so on.

3. Eurocopter EC 725 France.

Also known as the Super Cougar, the EC 725 was specifically designed to enhance French search and rescue missions. It made it's maiden flight in 2000 and was first delivered to the French Airforce in 2005.

The EC 725 has an internal payload of roughy 12,500 ibs and an external payload of more than 9,900. It can also be used to evacuate casualties and also to transport cargo and troops.

If needed the EC can be fitted with armour plating to function in combat. It is capable of carrying 28troops and it's considered a long range tactical helicopter.

4. Augusta Westland AW 101 Italy/UK

Made jointly by companies in Italy and the UK, the AW 101 comes in many versions Including anti-submarine warfare and utility versions. It has also been exported to many countries such as Canada, Portugal and Saudi Arabia for some of these countries call it Merlin.

The helicopter can carry 28 troops and has a payload capacity up to 11,000ibs interestingly, the cargo carried either under slug or internally. And there's a UK version that can accommodate up to 45 troops and an internal payload of more than 13,200 & was designed and developed as a modern Naval utility helicopter. The AW 101 was previously called the Eurocopter industries EH101

5.NHI NH90(Nethaland/France/Italy/Germany)

Originally there were two versions of the NH90 and different versions also known as NH90 ,NFT (NATO Frigate Helicopter) and NH90 TTH ( Tactical Transport Helicopter).

They were used for both ant-iship & anti-submarine warfare roles and for assult transport, electronic warfare, rescue and Vip transport duties.

One of these version is capable of carrying 20 troops & an internal payload capacity of more than 9,250ibs as well as an internal payload up to 11,000ibs of cargo.

Stay tuned for the sixth to tenth most powerful helicopters in history.

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