Connie Ferguson misses Husband, she explains how difficult it has been without him

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Connie Ferguson, is a South African filmmaker, director and actress. She is a powerhouse as described by those who look up to her. She had been gracing our screens for decades now.

The Botswana born woman has 2 children and a grandson, Lesedi Matsunyane whom she had in her previous Marriage with Neo Matsunyane. Later as the years went by, Connie married Shona Ferguson, the two struggled to have kids but however finally had a girl child named Alicia Angel Ferguson who is Shona's replica - people say.

Connie met Shona years after separating from her ex husband Neo Matsunyane.

Constance made a huge stance for herself when she started acting for Generations as Karabo Moroka. She acted for this tv show for the longest of time. She made a show up in a number of tv shows including the Wild of which was part of the Ferguson films.

Connie and Shona have achieved so so much together, many people looked up to them as their inspiration and power couple as they've worked very well collectively in their togetherness. They have created Ferguson films together , they were both directors of various shows, they acted in most of their shows including the Queen, Rockville, the wild and many more other shows.

Connie has also presented for a number of shows, she has entrepreneured on her beauty lotions.

She has remarkably been missing her dearest husband after his passing. During the memorial service of her husband she indicated rhat Shona was her closest friend and best friend, a colleague and a lovely father to their kids.

Connie has been posting snaps of Shona and captioning them differently as she posts them differently. Each one of the photos are posted with an emoji of a heart, as she endures the pain of losing her dearest husband

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