5 Foods That You Should Never Use In Breaking Your Fast In This Month Of Ramadan.


Today will mark the 10th day of the fasting for this year's Ramadan and it has been going smoothly. I have taken time to check out foods that will be good or injurious to the body when used to break a fast.

According to nutritionists and dietitians, anyone who is fasting shouldn't break a fast with these five foods and they include:

1. Alcohol. In fact, our Muslim brothers and sisters know that irrespective of the month in Islam, one is prohibited from taking intoxicants. But even though you do, abstain during this month because not only does it pollute your fast but it also harms you.

2. Red meat.

3. Nuts and seeds.

4. Raw cruciferous vegetables.

5. Foods that cause problem to you normally.

When it's time to break your fast, you can try out these 5 foods that I'll be listing, they will surely be good for you:

1. Dried fruits e.g Dates. Even the holy prophet Mohammed (SAW) recommended this during his lifetime.

2. Soups.

3. Freshly made pure juices.

4. Cooked vegetables.

5. Yoghurt.

Ensure you are well hydrated before you take in anything but do not rush the water.

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