I Almost Accused The Devil For My Downfall | Fameye Confesses.


Song opens with soothing harmonious humming switching you into the church mode.

Fameye then enters after the signature tone of the producer of the song, Liquid Beatz. Opening his verse with a statement that can be described to be a prophecy “Next year by this time I wouldn’t be here because I will up high flying in the sky. Would step into my ghetto and give a super innovative touch (renovation), I will be mentioned among the prominent with much respect and I will have money enough to pay customary rites because in this life, everyone is committed to theirs and holds what belongs to them in high esteem. So will work hard to earn salary”.

Fameye also acknowledged that he’s been over dosing the herbs therefore moving on he will reduce the in take of herbs, liquor, hangout like once out of the blues, and hit at least few one night stands at a hung out.

“Abrante3 ma br3. Me nya anka ma da but me hi Sika a, na me vim aba” he sings on… meaning, it’s his desire and wish to be resting because he is stressed out however, he keeps motivated by the money he sees.

“If I had listened to what people say, I wouldn’t have been successful. I nearly accused the devil of being responsible for my downfall”.

The independent artiste, Fameye finally let’s in the chorus sung by a choir saying…

“Praise the Lord.

Hallelujah in the highest, this is what you have done. All thanks to you God. All by your mercy and your Grace I’m grateful, you’ve turned my life around and now I’m a shinning star”

In the second verse, the soulful singer goes on to acknowledge how God has really moved from almost from ground zero to hero. His life has been upgraded despite the negative rumors people speculate behind him. He is focused on the journey to success of becoming his own boss. No time for to waste on neigh Sayers and gossips.

Chorus sets in again and signs out. Praise by Fameye is out and available all music outlets, go check it out. You will love it.

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