Anytime from now you may receive R350 October payments [Check now]

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Former President Cyril Ramaposa handed out the R350 prize in July, and it has now been around for two months. The Grant became well-known as a result of the long-term quarantine imposed by the pandemic. The government and president have resumed the grant that had previously been running but had halted in April due to a lack of funds because of the high unemployment rate and the pandemic that has harmed employment.

In the last week of August 2021, the award was handed out for the first time to all qualifying applicants. Due to a lack of October payments, most people have received August and September installments. Due to the early start this month, SASSA looks to have paid eligible beneficiaries for October ahead of schedule.

Recipients who are still awaiting payment have started viewing their October status. However, none of the applications have been approved as of yet. Because there is no set schedule for payment, SASSA did not announce when it will begin paying employees in October. The payment for October has not yet been made, although their dashboard indicates that it will.

This month's payments must begin sooner than in previous months because of the speed with which the status has arrived thus far. It is reasonable to assume that grant recipients can expect to receive their funds when their payment dates have been determined. Postal customers who receive mail must check the last three digits of their ID before paying at the post office, and they must also watch for payment due dates to arrive.

This message has been forwarded to your fellow applicants. Please help us spread the word by forwarding this message on to them.

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