Things Northerners Should Learn As Sultan Of Sokoto Reveals What Can Be Done to Reduce Insecurity

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The killing of innocent people in Sokoto State by bandits has been a concerning issue for most Nigerian. The insecurity caused by bandits has been a threat to people living in rural areas.

Bandits are known to go into villages on motorbikes to steal cattle and anything else of value that belongs to villagers. There have been cases where bandits we're exposed for trying to destroy farms or people's house unless villagers pay protection money.

The insecurity in the state has also made the Sultan of Sokoto to share his idea on how federal government can reduce the insurgency in the region.

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According to Daily Post, Alhaji Muhammadu Abubakar, the Sultan of Sokoto, has said that for terrorism and radicalization to be tackled in Nigeria, there is a need to have an improved mass education system in the country among the citizens.

It was reported that he has also identified a lack of knowledge, stressing that most of the perpetrators (terrorists) turned the true knowledge upside down and interpreted it the best way they understood simply because they lacked the requisite knowledge thereby causing security challenges in the country.

The high rate of unemployment in the northern region also contributed to insecurity because most of the youth are not employable due to lack of education.

One way the federal government can reduce insurgency is by creating social programmes that will encourage more people in the north to get educated in schools.

Sokoto state should also emulate how Jigawa State Government is planning to reduce insurgency by educating nomads which is a vital role in solving most of the insecurity challenges in the country.

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Educating Fulani herdsmen with modern-day knowledge will also help to reduce the clashes between Fulani cattle rearers and farmers in rural communities.

Dear distinguished readers what are your opinion concerning Sultan of Sokoto solution to the problem of insecurity in the north ?

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