"Uhuru Akwende Nyumbani" UDA Bigwig Unveils President Uhuru's Plan And That Of Azimio Affiliates

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The Kenya Kwanza alliance sponsoring the deputy president's statehouse bid, has been one big and formidable divide that has win the support of many voters with their hustler narrative empowerment. This fortification and delineation of voting blocks has seen many aspirants and regional bigwigs defect from the perceived meagre Azimio La Umoja parasol and join the roaring Kenya Kwanza.

The team today took their nationwide itinerant knuckle downs to lure voters in Samburu county, where they were warmly welcomed and donned in traditional attires.

Speaking to the pastoralist community in Wambwa town, former national assembly majority leader and Garissa town legislator Adan Duale drummed up support for the chief hustler's ascension, and fired shorts at ministers and president Uhuru. He accused them of planning to rig elections and have Odinga as the president, something that they're not going to let it see the light of day.

Nyinyi watu ya Samburu mimi nataka kuuliza nyinyi mnaona iko mtu hapa ati ataibiwa kura? Sasa mi nataka kuambia hawa mawaziri na Rais Kenyatta kuwa imebakia miezi chache pekee na waende nyumbani na william Ruto akuwe Rais. Na rais nataka nikuambie ufunge virago na ukwende nyumbani. Si Uhuru akwende nyumbani?" He asked.

"Aendeee," the crowd responded in unison in agreement amidst cheers and applaud for a better fraction of a minute.

He further informed the president that he is aware of his plans to circumnavigate the constitution so that it favor is continued stay in government, which is not going to happen under their watch.https://www.facebook.com/TheUDAKenya/videos/672525657143081/?app=fbl

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