Men: 3 Types Of Women You Should Avoid Dating At All Cost

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Finding the perfect woman for a relationship can be quite tricky; men usually avoid trusting their instincts and so, unfortunately, end up being in a relationship with the wrong person. Chasing the wrong woman can give you some serious problems in your life, and so, it’s only necessary that you avoid those who aren’t suitable for you.

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Here is a list of three types women you should avoid dating.

The High Maintenance woman

If this type of woman breaks a nail, she expects you to drop everything you’re doing to drive her to the salon immediately. Her daddy always told her she was a princess and she expects to be treated like one at all times. 

The Controller

Controllers have low self-esteem needing to control people and situations. They believe they are unworthy of love operating in a defensive manner and out of fear in relationships. The need to win is present all the time, and these types of women are especially drawn to nice men.

The gold digger

I don’t think there is no worse type of woman to date than a gold digger. A gold digger doesn’t care about you bro, it’s all about the money to her and once there is no more cash, it’s all over. She’s not a homemaker, maybe more of a home wrecker; she doesn’t care if your account is limited, all she needs is for her account to be unlimited.

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