Azimio la Umoja and Kenya kwanza success to be shaped in party primaries.

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It is a political season and all political parties will be required to have their party nomination certificate coming April next month.

The Ministry of Education gave a greenlight concerning parties that public primary schools will be used as the arena for the nominations.

The Inter boundary and Electrol commission as seen in the past will be required by the parties to ensure free and fair nominations.

This is according to the (ORPP) office of the registrar of parties that says that all parties must nominate their party primaries.

Speaking to KTN tv news anchor says that the nomination exercise is expected to kick off.

"During such time political parties experience rumbling and sometimes turn in to fistfight," he asserted.

"During the year 2017 we experienced such rumbling and striving of political parties on to attaining the certificate required for their party to be termed as strong," he asserted.

"Today we shall be focusing on the devolution empowerment party lead Hon Kiraitu Murungi. We shall be speaking to the secretary-general of DPP that was dissolved to join the jubilee in Tharakanithi and Meru county," he asserted.

"Remember political parties cannot carry such an exercise. In the past we had seen political parties engaging the (IEBC) in regulating the nomination process to be fair and transparent," he asserted.

"Remember also in the (UDA ) United democratic Alliance we have seen Dp William Ruto retaliating not once not twice that the registration exercise to be free and fair," he asserted.

"Political parties will be dissolving to their initial parties (party primaries) during this integrated move," he concluded.

The Azimio la Umoja and Kenya kwanza party primary nominations are said to kick-off as we proceed towards the 2022 poll elections.

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