Secrets women don’t want men to know (exposing women)


Women as a matter of fact are very complicated.They are snails in their shells. They keep all the information information to themselves so that we won’t know they are actually thinking because they know that if we know what they are thinking, it will give us more power over them so they try to keep as much information as they can.

So in this article I’m going to actually reveal these secrets that women don’t want us guys to know because if you knew this secrets you will be unstoppable.

1.They are as insecure as we are.

When you go up to a pretty girl to maybe talk to and she makes you feel nervous and insecure and all of a sudden you start to guess yourself and feel insecure, well that insecurity comes because you think that you are inferior to her and why is this important? Because she is just as insecure as you are. And you also have to understand that women probably care more about their appearance more than men and even if she is a very pretty girl I promise you she is filled with insecurity and this is a good thing to know so that you beat her in this mind game, next in a conversation you need to remind yourself that she is just as insecure as you are and you have to suppress those feelings and make yourself loo confident and calm on the outside and trust me you are going to win over any girl that comes your way.