Man Cancels Wedding After Flying From Dubai To Meet His Wife In Ex-Boyfriend's Room At Tamale.


Anass Kassim has officially cancelled the wedding Plans with Hubeida at Tamale after flying all the way from Dubai to meet his wife to be in his Ex Boyfriend's room. Anass Kassim took to his official Facebook page to make the sad announcement.

Few hours later, he clarified the air that, he saw Hubeida in the room but never saw her having a sexual intercourse as it has gone Viral. People should disregard that version of the story. However his decision to cancel the marriage remains unchanged and wants to call it postponement. He promised to grant an interview on Sagani TV in Tamale to explain everything to the public.

Anass Kassim and Hubeida were scheduled to marry in June. However everything has fallen on the ground with elderly people begging Anass Kassim to change his decision and wipe away the shame.

Anass Kassim demand is just one. Hubeida should tell him what he was doing in his former Boyfriend's room in the deep night and he will reconsider his decision.