Check out more pre-match rituals of some of the world's greatest footballers

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We began this piece with the pre-match rituals of some of the world's greatest and most decorated football stars. We shall conclude it with more on the pre-match rituals of other great players and a bit on superstitions in football.

Here we go!

Ivan Rakitic

In addition to entering the field right foot first, he always puts his sock and left boot on before the rest.

John Terry

Former England, Aston Villa, and Chelsea defense stalwart John Terry would listen to the same Usher Raymond album to prep up himself up for every game. Apart from that he would sit in the same seat on the team bus, and park in the same spot in the parking lot, and does three circles around his legs with tape. He even wore a lucky pair of shin-pads for ten seasons!

David Beckham

Former England, Real Madrid, and Manchester United star, David Beckham, fondly called Becks by his fans, would always make sure that everything in his fridge was arranged in perfect order before he would leave for a game.

Ronaldo Nazario de Lima

The former Brazil and Real Madrid legend would always place his right foot on the field first.

Gennaro Gattuso

Former Italy and A C Milan legend Gennaro Guttuso confessed to having a particular ritual during the 2006 World Cup.

According to the midfield great, he wore the same sweatshirt every single day from the first to the last day of the Mundial.

Laurent Blanc

During the 1998 World Cup, French ace defender Laurent Blanc would kiss the bald head of his goalkeeper, Fabien Barthez, before the start of every game.

Johan Cruyff

Dutch master and Ajax legend Johan Cruyff would hit his goalkeeper Gert Bals in the stomach, walk across the pitch and spit his chewing gum into the opposition's half, in the direction of the goal, before the start of a game.

He once forgot his gum and Ajax lost the game 4-1 to AC Milan in the 1969 European Cup Final.

Sergio Goycochea

Argentina legendary goaltender, Goycochea had a unique ritual.

He marked his goal area with his urine. He started this bizarre ritual during the 1990 World Cup quarter-final game against Yugoslavia. He peed on the pitch before the penalty shootout during the game and his team won the encounter.

The short-stopper never looked back from then on. He continued to mark his territory with his urine until he retired from football in 1998.

Even football coaches are not left out in the performance of unique rituals and superstitions.

Former France coach, Raymond Domenech depended on the Zodiac signs to pick his players for the national team during his time as the coach. He bluntly refused to select anyone born a Scorpio. He particularly preferred Leos though.

World Cup-winning coach, Brazil's Mario Zagallo believed that the number 13 has magical powers.

Superstitions in top-level football

Aaron Ramsey's Goals

There is a superstitious belief that every time Arsenal and Wales midfielder, Aaron Ramsey, scores a goal, something tragic would happen! It is said that the midfielder’s strikes have coincided with the deaths of Osama bin Laden, Steve Jobs, Colonel Gaddafi, Whitney Houston, Paul Walker, Gunter Grass, and Eduardo Galeano.

The curse of the Socceroos

Johnny Warren, a former Australia player and team captain tells a rather strange story in his autobiography. According to Warren, the Australian team consulted a witch doctor for help when things looked miserable for it during World Cup qualifiers in Mozambique in 1969.

His story continued that the witch doctor cursed the Socceroos’ opponents and the team won the game. But the team departed the country without paying the witch doctor for his services, who in revenge cursed the Socceroos

The Aussies hardly made progress football-wise for decades until Warren returned to Mozambique to make amends.

Warren recounted that he was subjected to some voodoo-like rituals by a witch doctor on the same pitch where the Socceroos had beaten their opponents in 1969. After the supposed curse-breaking ritual, the Socceroos qualified for the 2006 World Cup!

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