4 Reasons Why People Walk Away From Relationships


1. They don't feel respected, for any relationship to stand out there should always be respect. You may think your partner loves you, but nobody will stand a partner who has no respect. Remember, a person's dignity will always come first, and you need to stay mindful of that fact.

2.They don't feel supported, one fundamental thing is relationship is emotional support between two individuals who love one other. It upon you to ensure always the one you love feels supported.

Make sure they don't feel cheated, and when you are going through struggles, show them you can offer support. Ensure they can count on you even when things get difficult or inconvenience to do so.

3. They don't feel listened to, it is very critical in relationship to always be your partner's care keeper. Because conversation is much important in relationship. Remember, at some point, you need to be silent and listen to what your partner want to tell you.

You can't be so content to just saying what's in your mind or heart without taking into consideration your partner need to feel safe expressing themselves too.

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