Patrick Shai, a well-known actor, apparently committed suicide this Saturday morning.

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Patrick Shai, a legendary actor, has committed suicide.


The Sunday World reports that veteran actor Patrick Shai allegedly committed suicide in the garage of his Dobsonville home this morning.


He has been a strong man for other men in South Africa, guiding them and showing them how to love, care for, and respect women, but he has forgotten about himself and whom he has only said to him, "r okay." everything going well? How is your family


May his soul rest in peace. The other day, the Metro FM team asked his family and friends to check up on him after he wanted to challenge Casper in a fight. Depression guys.It's impossible to commit suicide with a smile. And I define depression as "a dominant of trouble over peace."


No matter how pressured you find yourself, "Never surrender to your personal problems." In fact, let your problems kill and destroy you for themselves, not you for them. 


Manage your thoughts every time you find yourself going through shit, and last but not least, never let depression isolate you from the people who love and care about you, for that's when it becomes strong and powerful to bring you down. " A Facebook follower said





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