Autopsy Reveals the Cause of "Killer" Doctor's Death

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Government pathologist Dr. Titus Ngulungu performed a post mortem examination on the remains of the late "Killer" medical practitioner Dr. Gakara.

The autopsy was meant to establish and ascertain the real cause of his premature death.

According to medical reports, the deceased's body possessed a piercing.

Gakuru died under mysterious circumstances while receiving treatment at Nakuru Level Five Hospital.

Police reports had earlier indicated that the late attempted suicide after the painful termination of his children.

He was suspected to have injected his children with poisonous medicine and left them for death.

Earlier, medical reports alluded that the latter was responding well to treatment, had confessed to have prematurely ended the lives of his kids prior to a suicide attempt.


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His death and that of his kids were the outcome of a domestic raw that emanated from his wife's desire to further her studies abroad. His wife flew to the capital when the incident took place.

The late was a qualified gynecologist who operated a clinic within the vicinity of Nakuru Municipality.

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