TRUE LOVE: How After Suffering From Deceit, I Found My Soulmate.


All about myself.

am a young man looking for a girl who truly love me. I am not rich and I don't come from a wealthy home or background as most girls look for. But I'm very sensitive and viable in terms of loving and nurturing of my God's Gifted Lady.

I am romantically unavoidable. I'm not physically built-up or "macho" as the African would say, but I have the heart of a lion. I'm very courageous and can stand the power of the physical men. My power and energy is outstandingly unique in all angles as it is derived from the Devine gift from the Almighty. I don't fear the unseen and the outburst of the harsh weather. I am very caring, merciful and above all I regard and respect women in general. I love to listen to my lady's advice before taking any decision. I am very faithful and God fearing person and this has earned me much respect by the old and the young in my community. My devotion to God is always the first priority.


First, I looked for few characteristics such as respect, submissive, beauty, intelligence, sociable, prayerful, contentment, hardworking immateriality and truthfulness. In fact, I knew that it was not very possible to get a girl with all these qualities. But I was searching for one who will have the most expensive three qualities which are; submissive to her husband, prayerful and God-fearing, and the last is contentment. The other qualities would be a bonus for me as I search through day and night at work place, market, stadium, durbar, festival and the like.

I met this girl who nearly won my heart. In fact, she was a sister of my friend's wife. She had had an eye on me for years according to her. Her reason for visiting her sister frequently was just to see me since my house was closer to her sister's husband's house. This girl approached me with calls at odd times. Sometimes as late as 12:30a.m. this girl would call crying and saying she wanted to kill herself. Later, she used the technique of sending gifts, suits, items to me in the name of love. This made me believed that she was a content person who was not after money or wealth. I also believed she was caring and submissive since I noticed what ever I said, she would instantly obey and even add more support. She will constantly call me to ask if I had prayed or called my mother and siblings. In fact, she was the first to call me early in the morning. My search was completed when I invited her to my house a day after she called me at deep night threatening to commit suicide because no man loved her. When she came, I asked her if she would convert to my religion, but before I completed my question, she had agreed. She even added that her mother was in my religion and so she had no problem with it. And so, instantly, I called my sister who converted her immediately. This was how I was sure my search had yeilded a good fruit. But was I right? No is the answer.

But I was wrong about this girl. We moved together and she would visit me for months or weeks and go back. Whiles with me, she showed pretended attitudes. Little did I know that all kinds of very ugly attitudes were her identity. She had pretended for barely eight years. When she came to my place, she pretended to be good but when she went back, her true attitude was shown. In fact, I realized she was more than a wicked monster. That is what I can say. In fact, she confessed that it was a 'juju man' that helped her to get me. One of her other ugly attitudes was that she tried destroying any big money I laid my hands on for building project. The reason being that, if I finish building, I will marry another girl. After giving birth to two children for me, the monstrous behaviour could not be hidden in pretence any longer. She disrespected and disobeyed me every minute. A friend visited me and as he watched me do all the house chores, he simply described her as the Devil himself.

Her disrespect for my relatives and everyone around the neighborhood became very dreadful. She had had no love for her own son. All her ego and desire was centered on her as she would prefer to be a town helper in the interest of home breakers.

I resorted to fasten and prayers. God answered my prayers when she migrated from her secrecy to reality in disobedience to her own relatives who advised her to be a submissive partner. Today, I can say that my resort to prayers, fasting and meditation made her said I should marry another girl other than her.


I resorted to relying on God to show to me my woman. The girl who will be the mother of my children. A girl with all the qualities I nedded. To this effect, I prayed and fasted on selected days. I would meditate and ask God to bring this lady to me. All seems not yielding results until the right time. I set my eyes on this girl as I was driving to work. There was something different from her I couldn't quite lay my hands on. But what I could instantly tell was the heartbeat, the natural reflection and my whole life was as if I was not on earth but just delivered now.

When I got home, I prayed to God and asked God to lead me. That night, I kept on thinking about her. I didn't set my eyes on her again until after three weeks. Same feeling and change of life occured. That was when I realized God was answering my prayers. I fasted for ten consecutive days and had all night prayers every two days within the period of the ten days I was fasting. That was when I had same dream about same girl in dress I had not seen her in before. I actually saw her the next day wearing that dress. So I asked her sister to give me her mobile number, which she did.

If you see a girl very humble and walks as if she fears the ground, then be sure she is the girl I'm talking about. If you see a girl very beautiful inside out with glowing reflections, obviously it must be this girl. If you see a girl very prayerful, faithful, loving, caring and discipline, certainly you are seeing my love.

She is submissive, colourful, caring, respectful and have me at heart. In fact, the love between us is a true love. It doesn't diminish but keeps on growing. We are bonded by God and I'm very grateful to Him for granting my wish. I love her and will do anything for her. Same way she does love me. She is my life saviour and my happiness and my life revolves around her.

So please, if you need your soulmate, resort to prayers. God has promised us that when we knock the door He shall open the gate for us. So prayers is the key. Don't forget to share.Thank you.