Good News To Tanzanians On Salaries As Suluhu Makes A Major Announcement On Labor Day


President Samia Suluhu led Tanzanians in celebrating this year's Labour day for the first time since she was appointed.

She addressed various issues such as the workers salaries, their welfare and the contribution they have made to the economy.

"There is a saying that ‘the success of any country depends on the strength of its workers’, no developed country without workers - Last year our Nation entered the Central Economy, we have reached that point because of the Workers, I congratulate all the Workers," President Samia Suluhu asserted.

Samia Suluhu has announced a 'Pay as You Earn' (PAYE) tax deduction from 9% to 8% to provide relief to employees. This came after a request from the TUCTA Secretary General on salaries reduction.

Suluhu said,"Rais wa Tanzania, Samia Suluhu ametangaza punguzo ya Kodi ya 'Lipa kadiri unavyovuna' (PAYE) kutoka 9% hadi 8% ili kuwapa unafuu watumishi> Hii imetokana na ombi la Katibu Mkuu wa TUCTA kuomba kupunguziwa kodi hiyo kwenye mishahara."

Zanzibar president Mwinyi said that professionals who include teachers and health workers should be given a fair share of salaries.