Zulu men are rude look what they said to her after what she wrote about Zulu men

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They say sometimes when it comes to Zulu men you should be careful what you say because they have a way of responding to people without even thinking. They don't care about what the next person might feel if they say something to do them just as long as they had their say the rest is all up to them.

If you want to see how rude Zulu men can be say something they don't understand and you will get what's coming to you. That's why it's always important that when you say something you need to explain it because it seems like they sometimes jump to a conclusion without getting their facts straight. One thing about social media is that you must have some sense of humor to have fun but it's alleged that Zulu men don't have a sense of humor lol that's why they are always angry.

A lady took to her social media account and wrote GOOD NIGHT TO EVERY MEN EXCEPT ZULU MEN, little did she know that she chose the wrong one to joke with, lol they didn't waste any time replying to her post the comments were so mean it was like she killed on of their own. And it was funny because she was playing she didn't exactly mean it like that, but she was saying all men should sleep except for Zulu men. Because she wants them to keep her company, but unfortunately some of them didn't understand that's why they started swearing at her.

As beautiful as she is she was even told she's not beautiful with spectacles that look like she bought them from the taxi rank. To be honest there was no need to say all those things to her, at the end of the day she's a lady despite what she said you can't go around saying such words.

Some Zulu men are the reason why we have people who hate Zulus, is because of the way they behave. All she did was to say a compliment and boom because of a misunderstanding they swear it was her.

Check out these comments taken from social media whereby Zulu men say the meanest things to a woman.


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