How to help your baby develop pincer grasp

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The pincer grasp is when the baby primarily uses the thumb and index finger to pick up objects. This ability usually develops between the ages of nine and twelve months, and it helps your infant comprehend the mechanics of grabbing and picking things up. Your child's dexterity in both hands will develop as a result, and he or she will begin to pick up objects with both hands.

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From the moment they are born, new borns naturally know how to hold objects but over the course of a year, the baby will progressively learn to pick things up and hold them in her small hands. The baby's ability to pick things up with the pincer grasp starts developing around 2 months and at 12 months your baby should be able to draw things closer and lift with thumb and index finger.

What if your baby does not have a pincer grasp

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Every infant develops at his or her own rate and premature new borns are more likely to miss some developmental milestones than regular babies. If your baby hasn't exhibited any interest in the pincer grasp at 12 months, you should consult a pediatrician to examine his or her fine motor skill development and rule out cerebral palsy or autism.

Here are activities to help your baby develop the pincer grasp

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1 Place small food items, such as raisins in the ice tray's little slots. This can be a fun way for the infant to eat, which can make for an enjoyable activity. It will also force her to use her pincer grasp to extract the food, which she will eventually develop.

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2 Provides toys that can be pulled apart and squished. This is an excellent workout for strengthening the muscles of the fingers, which are important for developing the pincer grip.

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3 You can also use socks with holes cut in the index and thumb area. This will allow your toddler to pick items up with those two fingers.

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4 Allow your child to press buttons on objects or point to items in a book.

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