Ashawo with good character will marry before a prayer warrior with bad character—Soso Soberekon

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In a new online post, Nigerian music executive Soso Soberekon offered an unexpected perspective on who qualifies to be a bride. Soso claimed in his article, which has sparked debate, that it is easier for a prostitute with a good character to marry than a lady who is a prayer warrior but has a negative character. He eventually concluded that a man is drawn to a woman who is composed and well-behaved. See the few we selected for you below, among the rush of replies to the post; 'He isn't trying to claim that being an Ashawo is good,' kacciajike wrote.

Cynthia "No way am I." Ashawo's business is a disaster. You're a fess fess fess. However, if your clients are fit, you will ruin the marriage. A 'Prayer warrior with bad character is a church goer,' stated fashionmagicblog. If you're a prayer warrior, you should have good character. A prayer warrior and a bad character can't be in the same phrase.

Veronica's daughter wrote: "I want to vex, to tell a lie, but the truth outweighs my folly." Uncle... There were no lies found. Okay, Ashewo, keep your good character, and pray, warrior, change your bad one. "A negative character in a prayer warrior isn't supposed to exist, "Adorabledeka" wrote. Anyhow, they have a lot of terrible characters. We never married, and we never killed anybody.

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