Forget January Brokeness. Try This Simple, Delicious Mouthwatering Biltong Recipe.

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Biltong is life at my house. I remember when we were younger, my parents would buy biltong in bulk. They would decide it unequally (ofcourse) between them and my siblings and I. They would always get a little bit more as it is customary in many black families, elders always get a bigger portion.

However my siblings and I would get equal portions, as equal as possible. And for the next few days we would use the biltong to barter and buy favors. You would hear things like please wash my school skirt and I will give you 3 pieces of biltong.

Okay enough of my reminiscing, let's get into the real reason you came here. A delicious easy biltong recipe.



18 g salt

2 g black pepper

1 g six gun spice

4 g coriander

50/50 – vinegar and Worcestershire sauce mixture – enough to just wet and marinade the meat.


Step 1

If you prefer a cut with a fat rind make use of Silverside or Topside if you want a lean cut. Cut into 2 – 2,5cm strips thick. Remember to cut along with the grain.

Step 2

Sprinkle the strips of meat with the vinegar and Worcestershire sauce mixture on both sides. Make sure to coat the meat thoroughly. Then coat the meat both sides with the spice mixture and place in a large tray.

Step 3

Place the tray in the fridge and let the meat marinade in the spice and vinegar mixture for about 12 hours. Mix the meat thoroughly and let it marinade for another 12 hours.

Step 4

After you have pickled the meat for 24 hours hang directly in a well ventilated area or in front of a fan. Please make sure that the meat is hanging in a cool area with no warm air.

Step 5

Do not rinse or wipe off any of the spice and liquid mixture before you hang the Biltong to dry.

Step 6

Check the meat after 4 – 5 days depending on how moist you want the inside to be.

If I knew this recipe awhile ago I would have saved so much money because I can't resist buying a packet of biltong every time I go to the supermarket. Even if those R20.00 packets in the black styrofoam.

Now please don't eat it all at once, because I'm sure you will be tempted to.

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