There were times i wanted to Die -Irene Logan Shares her Touching Story

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Irene Logan gained popular back in the day for being part of the now defunct group Irene and Jane which was composed of herself and Efya. She shared her touching story on Transformation with Stacy as she openly laid forth skull cracking truths about her life post rise to fame. 

She spoke about the fact that a lot of people trolled her and called her a failure with a dead career. She even had problems believing she was the person being referred to a times.  

Things become very tough but through it all she was grounded and had hope that things will revert to normalcy. 

She spoke about she being depressed and resorted to smoking 2 packs of cigarette a day and when she grew weary of the cigarette, she would find another alternative like “shisha” just to numb her pain. She spoke about the fact that she simply wanted to end things at a point when things got dire. 

Through it all God intervened and whisked her away into the light and opportunities starting falling like manner. 

She graced listeners with hit songs such as Runaway Gold Digger and Ghetto love she was a fine vocalist and an amazing song writer 

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