Raila Finally Bows to Pressure, Echoes Ruto for Kenyans to Realise the Made in Kenya Drive


The ODM leader Raila Odinga has finally responded to his political foes and friends who had earlier challenged him to reiterate on MADE IN KENYA Initiative.

In what seemed as a change of focus, the former Premier urged Political leaders to transform rural areas and developing local skills, in what he dubbed Home grown industrialisation.

Pulling criticism on social media, Raila on Sunday released a statement to Kenyans on how Netizens can have products made in Kenya on their shelves.

While echoing the hustler narrative, Raila agreed that indeed this can be done by paying attention to skilled laborers. He named among them, mechanics, hair dressers, carpenters and tailors, that which the deputy president has been terming the bottom up economy.

And barely two days after his statement, Raila has finally responded to his critics in bid to reiterate on MADE IN KENYA for Kenyans.

"Friends and political foes have challenged me to explain my position that we can have MADE IN KENYA products if we focused on transforming rural areas and developing SKILLS. I have accepted that challenge, and I will highlight SKILLS and products that, with just a little support, would lead to purely home grown MADE IN KENYA products right from rural Kenya." Raila has said.

Below is a detailed description of Raila's quick example of products made in Kenya which require efforts of investment in local skills to blossom. 

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