Mix Salt And Vinegar In Hot Water ; Use It To Cure This Painful Illness


The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the human body. Its inflammation produces a very uncomfortable pain that begins in the lower back area radiating into the buttocks and the back of the leg, up to the foot. Sciatic nerve pain is extremely unpleasant and can seriously compromise the quality of life of people with this problem.

Rest helps temporarily relieve the problem, but does not solve it. In addition to the pain, other symptoms may appear, for example, discomfort in sitting, feeling numbness from heavy legs to the foot.

Now, for all those who suffer from sciatic nerve pain, apply this natural solution, it is an easy method that can solve this problem quite quickly. This is a treatment that should only be done in the evening before bedtime.


Hot water ; (10 liters)

Cooking salt; (a handful)

Apple cider vinegar (2 glasses)


Put your hot water in a basin (at the hottest temperature possible that your feet can handle). Add a handful of salt and 2 glasses of apple cider vinegar; Shake this mixture well according to the proportions mentioned above.


Put your feet in the tub and stay there until the water cools. Then rinse your feet and wrap them in a dry towel and go straight to bed. Keep your feet warm. Therefore, it is recommended to sleep with a towel, sheet or blanket that wraps them to be warm. The next day, get out of bed with slippers and do not walk on the floor with bare feet.

Result: your pain will go away after the first treatment. Repeat this procedure once every 6 months or when you experience pain again. Just try it, you will be surprised how effective it is! This one simple exercise will not only help make that bothersome pain go away but also strengthen your core and lower body

Note Well

However, afterwards, avoid waking up the sciatic nerve pain by washing yourself often with too cold water.

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