Reasons Why You Should Always Start Your Day With Warm Lemon Water

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Easy way to prepare hot lemon water

Drinking a cup of warm lemon water every morning is one of the easiest, most cost-effective, and natural methods to enhance your health, with astonishing results.

√ Energizes The Body

It provides a long-lasting energy boost thus making it a better alternative to morning tea or coffee.

√ Helps With Digestion

Acid aids in the digestion of meals. That's why our stomachs are so full with stuff which makes us bloated at times.

The acid in lemons is particularly beneficial in replenishing stomach acid levels; which tend to diminish as we get older.

√ Freshens Breath

If you have bad mouth odour and are constantly looking for a way to remove it, then warm lemon water can be the solution to your problem.

Having a glass of this water helps to clean the mouth off the odour and also kills the harmful germs which are the cause it. It can also be used to neutralize the meal odors.

√ Relieves Stress And Uplifts The Mood

The scent of a lemon helps to clear the mind, reduce feelings of stress and uplift our moods while also aiding in managing the feeling of depression and anxiety.

√ Keeps You Moisturized.

Many people usually don't drink nearly enough water daily. A daily glass of lemon water is a simple way to start your day off correctly.

How do you know when you've had enough to drink? Your urine is nearly colorless.

√ Weight-Reduction Friendly

If you are considering losing weight, start by substituting lemon water for your daily tea, orange juice or coffee.

Warm lemon water tremendously helps in the loss of weight.

√ Protects From Oxidation

Like many fruits and vegetables, lemons usually contain phytonutrients; which assist your body in fighting sickness.

These phytonutrients have potent antioxidant effects that protect the cells from oxidative damage; which is the same process that produces rust.

√ Rich In Vitamin C

The lemon juice that you add into your lemon water provides you with more than a sixth of your daily vitamin C needs.

Vitamim C is essential for injury healing and cell protection.

√ Increases The Potassium Levels

Potassium is essential for bodily function. It's required for nerve-muscle communication, the delivery of nutrients and waste plus the control of the blood pressure.

Potassium is found in abundance in fruits and vegetables such as lemons.

√ Prevents The Formation Of Kidney Stones.

Increased fluid intake such as warm lemon water assists in preventing dehydration; which is a major cause of kidney stones.

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