"Matapeli Kenya Wanaongozwa na Uhuru" Sudi Attacks Uhuru as He Breaks Silence on BBI Ruling(Video)


The recent High Court ruling on the Building Bridges Initiative(BBI) that annulled the constitutional amendment process has sparked a series of reactions from various leaders across the political divide and constitutional experts.

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Flamboyant Deputy President William Ruto ally, Kapseret Constituency member of parliament Hon Oscar Sudi has today hroken his silence on the ruling on BBI.

Sudi in his remarks has waged a fresh attack on President Uhuru Kenyatta, labeling the Head of State a fraudster.

The flamboyant legislator has questioned why the President wants the 2010 Constitution to be amended if he can not implement it in its current state right now.

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He has claimed that President Uhuru has a hidden agenda why he wants the Constitution to be amended, adding that it is not to the benefit of Kenyans.

"Na ndiyo nilisema, Matapeli ni wengi Kenya hii. Matapeli wakubwa wakiongozwa na Uhuru Kenyatta. Si ati anataka kubadilisha Katiba kusaidia watu wa Kenya. Kuna lengo na mipango Yao," Sudi said.

Sudi has added that the ruling by the five-judge bench of the High Court was done for the benefit of the whole country and not for an individual.

The Kapseret legislator has further said that the High Court ruling by the judges is being supported by majority of Kenyans, except the few he says are 'Wakora wa State House'.

"Nimeona hawa judges wengi wanawaunga mkono 85 to 90%. Wale wachache wenye unaona wanapiga kelele ni hawa wakora wa State House wenye wanakula mandazi na pesa ya Kenya," Sudi added.


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