3 Things parents should avoid in order to protect a child mental health

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A family is the smallest units of the society, it is well known that a good society comprises of good families.

A child mental health should be of utmost priority in a family setting, for children are the leaders of tomorrow.

Societal values depends very much on the family system, a good society also depends very much on the mental health of children.

Below are things that parents should not indulge in so as to protect their children mental health


Substance abuse is a broad term that includes drug abuse. It's an abuse of any kind that alters the chemical reactions of the brain that can lead to addition.

Substance abuse include over counter drugs, alcohol, marijuana, cocaine etc.

If one of the parents or the both indulge in substance abuse, its destroys a child mental health and self esteem. Children whose parents indulge in substance abuse tends to follow their parents footsteps, thereby endangering the larger society. 2. SHOWING FAVOURITISM AMONG YOUR CHILDREN:

Favouritism is the giving of an unfair preferential treatment to one person or group of person at the expense of another.

Most parents practice favouritism among their children knowingly and unknowingly. This act of favouritism brings hatred's among siblings and undue friction between parents and their children.

If there's any of your children you love more, do not show it outwardly, else you might be sowing seed of discord and disunity in your family. Children will in turn emulate this act of favouritism as a normal way of life and practice it in their own family in the near future.


Domestic violence or abuse is any form of assault or aggression towards a partner or within a close circle of a family. This ranges from sexual abuse, beatings, emotional abuse and neglect as well.

When parents are in the habits of abusing their partners and kids, the kids learns this acts and practice it on friends and comrades which could result to death, thereby inviting the full wrath of law.

They might not forgive their parents for being a bad role model, when they must have found themselves in prison for a case of domestic violence. That could damage their mental health as well.

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