I wanted to hit and run on Kelly but she trapped me with muthi- Jub

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Jub didn't pass up on an opportunity to uncover that Kelly Khumalo utilized Muthi on him. He was welcomed on the MacG's Channel 0 digital recording, where he said that kelly utilized muthi to engage her so they could be together.

Jub was in a long term lovely and hearty relationship with Amanda Du-pont when he met Kelly Khumalo, who was single. He doesn't recollect when he began falling head over heels for Kelly and disregarded her former sweetheart. He is as yet befuddled with regards to why he accepts that Kelly utilized some muthi on him. Amanda Du-pont cut off her friendship with Jub when she heard that he was spending time with Kelly.

MacG needed to know how he discovered that Kelly was utilizing muthi on him; he said his mom told him. He was as of now not cheerful in a relationship with Kelly, however he was unable to leave her. Each time he attempted to end things, something was halting him. He had zero command over his sentiments that why he's not sure why he picked kelly over Amanda.

The justification for why Jub was spending time with Kelly

MacG kept on finding out if he needed to end things with Amanda when he began spending time with Kelly? He replied, "I needed to do quick in and out, however shockingly, Kelly was adequately shrewd to draw me with muthi". He said that parcel of individuals who have dated Kelly realize that he utilizes muthi on them.

Jub is an individual who consistently comes clean, yet in his meeting, he uncovered a great deal of things. Many individuals were caught up with scrutinizing the explanation he left Amanda. However, plainly he lamented needing to do a quick in and out on kelly. He cut off up getting caught in a friendship he would have rather not be in. At that point, Amanda needed what was best for herself and left the undesirable relationship. The snare caused him to fail to remember such a long time he imparted to Amanda. His psyche was just pondering kelly.

Individuals who paid attention to the meeting feel that Jub would rather not assume the fault. He faults Kelly for utilizing muthi on him since he would rather not show up as a con artist.

After the meeting went, viral individuals needed to hear what Kelly needed to say about it. Be that as it may, Kelly didn't remark on the story since she is utilized to such things. Such insight about her utilizing Muthi on mam has been moving for some time in her life. So she couldn't care less on the off chance that they bring them once more.

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