BBI Co-Chair Dennis Waweru Issues Fresh Details About President Uhuru's 2022 Succession in Mt Kenya


Building Bridges Initiative Secretariat Co-Chair Dennis Waweru has issued fresh details about President Uhuru Kenyatta's succession revealing what the Head of State plans to do when it comes to strategically placing his community in his succession race.

Mr. Dennis Waweru has spoken in an interview with Inooro TV informing that President Uhuru Kenyatta remains the Mt Kenya kingpin and that he will represent his community at the negotiation table to make sure there is no vacant left after his exit.

The BBI Co-Chair and who has been pushing for Constitutional reforms which shall include an expanded executive has said that just like retired President Mwai Kibaki stood for his community including endorsing President Uhuru Kenyatta as his preferred successor, so is Uhuru who will give the way forward to his community when the right time comes.

"Mt Kenya region has its system which they follow during campaign periods, President Kibaki gave the way forward and too President Uhuru will give way forward naming who to succeed him when the right time comes," Dennis Waweru has said.

Waweru has added that as Mt Kenya leaders they will soon hold another meeting just like the one held at the Sagana State Lodge explaining that the agenda will be matters 2022 seeing in the recently formed coalitions a representative from Mt Kenya region is not included.

The Building Bridges Initiative has said that currently in the Mt Kenya region there is no leadership vacuum since President Uhuru Kenyatta still represents the region at the top adding that the region is still united just the way the former President Mwai Kibaki left.