Shameful Thing That Happened at the Court of Appeal Today


It's clear BBI hearing is continuing at the court of appeal with the appellate court expected to rule on issues around BBI. Its however clear a despicable thing happened in court today when the power went off abruptly causing the adjournment of the court to tomorrow morning.

The efforts by the judge to ask for generator to be lit so that the process can continue shocked further for he was informed the generator was dysfunctional. It's a shameful thing at this age and time that a court can stop hearing matters because of power hitch.

It's clear reforms have been going in the Judiciary including equipping the court with digital and modem equipments. It's therefore shocking that a court of appeal can lack a functional 24hour Power incase Powe goes off.

However hopefully the the High Court president Musinga will address the matter as it's really a matter of concern. It's even despicable and extremely shameful to say the least for if Court of appeal can lack light then what about the magistrate courts, probably they are struggling in darkness.