Will Adding Water to Sugary Drinks Reduce The Calories?

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Have you ever been in a situation where you are tempted to add water to a sugary or carbonated drink in the bid to reduce the calories? This is quite common and most people do this because they believe adding water to the drinks would help reduce the effect of the sugar in the body but this is in fact not backed up by any scientific evidence.

This is a somewhat general belief amongst people who are very much addicted to taking soft drinks but due to the numerous side effects of taking soft sugary drinks, they now force themselves to take these drinks by adding water to the drinks to dilute the sugary taste. While this is a very common practice amongst people, it has been proven to not be as effective as they think. In fact, adding water to sugary drinks increases the drink and dilutes the sugary taste in your mouth but the calorie content of such drink remains the same.

So if you are to add water enough to a drink to the extent that the drink loses the sweet taste to a large extent and then you take the drink. You have actually reduced the sugary taste, increased the drink but also taken the full.calorie content of such drink. Research has it that the calories such drink would have added to your body hasn't actually reduced, it's still the same.as long as you take the whole drink even after adding water. If you are asked by the doctor due to your health to abstain from consuming sugary drinks, do well to completely cut down from taking such drinks, adding water to sugary drinks won't change anything instead it will increase the liquid content but the calories remain the same

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