A lady turned into laughing stock after posting this but people noticed something else

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Online media is stacked with a huge load of superb women who post pictures of themselves ordinary, but at this point and again they competition to post their photographs without checking expecting that the photographs have something they needn't bother with people to see, for example this young person took to Twitter to readily post a picture of herself looking awesome and introducing in a room.

Regardless, unfortunately for her family saw something intriguing in the picture that she forgot to see preceding posting the picture, as people saw that there is a mirror behind the young lady in the picture.

In the event that you look at the mirror you can see that there is a singular laying on the bed as his feet are recognizable in the mirror, people are assessing that the singular found in the mirror is a Sangoma considering the dabs he is wearing on his lower legs, look what people said right after seeing the feet in the mirror...

Is that a foot of a Sangoma? So mo woman had gone for consultation🤔"

"The Doctor is resting akere."

"Thokoza thick thighs .🙌"

"You talking about Sangoma(umakhosi) in the bed"

"Makhosi stowing away there🤦‍♀️🤣🤣"

"Reflects never lie"

"That is the explanation I scorn taking pictures near mirror's"


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